Universal Phone Holder With Hands Free Display For GPS

Universal Phone Holder With Hands Free Display For GPS

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Turns any smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car. Vehicle cell phone accessory works with any smartphone and HUD apps. Reflects any HUD-based app of your cell phone and displays it right in driver's line of sight. Glass transparency allows for a clear road view so you are not distracted from the actual road. The reflected image is distinguished  in any visibility (day and night)

  • Size - base size: 6.3''(length) x 3.7''(width) x 0.5''(thickness), screen size: 5.9''
  • Suitable for iPhone, Samsung as well as most other smart phones
  • Augmented Reality Display
  • Navigation projection: Through APP, the navigation interface of the mobile phone will be perfectly projected to the glass screen on the bracket.
  • Mobile support: It's also a unique bracket and can replace the traditional suction cup-bracket. Angle rotation: The screen can freely rotate for 180 degrees, so you can easily select the appropriate viewing angle.
  • Rotating base: It has a unique rotation base of 360 degrees, with better view and nicer stability.
  • Transparent display: The screen is made up of high-definition organic glass with a coating film, which won't block your sight in the navigation. Convenient installation, the bottom is fixed with silicone pad, stable and reliable and will not leave any spots on the car.The product is translucent, reflecting 52% of the light and 48% of the light. Customers can adjust the brightness of the screen to the maximum or appropriate brightness.
  • Anti slip & shock: It has a special rubber pad with three layers, which will effectively prevent the mobile phone from being bumped off during driving.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x HUD Head Up Display Holder